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The Best Marine Battery

There are several things involved with getting the best battery installation on your boat or yacht. This site helps you make the marine battery decisions you need to. What is the Best Marine Battery?
An AGM Deep Cycle battery big enough to start your engines in a pinch.

Why is an AGM Battery Better?
That brings up several discussions. This website has been developed to address many of the issues, behaviors, and specifications that affect your marine battery installation. When you know how to make an informed decision, we find that the best marine battery setup in the world, is the one on YOUR boat. Please go through each of the following marine battery topics for more information. When you are ready to purchase deep cycle AGM marine batteries, click on our sponsor, BD Batteries.

Difference between deep cycle batteries and starting batteries.
Difference between AGM, GEL, and Flooded Marine batteries.
AGM Battery Efficiency, Density, and Ability
AGM Marine Battery vs. Flooded Marine Battery Storage Considerations, Self Discharge and how it effects YOU!
Environmental aspects of AGM, Coast Guard Approved, and Hazmat Exempt.

Now that you have decided to buy AGM batteries, we have to size them right or you will not get the performance, that the battery can deliver, nor the lifespan that protects your pocket books. A battery stores power, a power tank if you will. So let's look at how that affects your choice for the "BEST MARINE BATTERY".
Depth of Discharge vs. Life Cycles, The Longest Lasting Marine Battery
Two 6V batteries vs. Two 12V batteries. The Best Marine Battery Installation.
Sizing the marine battery wires, efficiency, and why it matters.
Tricks to sustaining your AGM marine battery installation for years of use.
Tricks to sustaining your Flooded marine battery installation for years of use.

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