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BestMarineBattery.com is a member of the BD Batteries information network. This network of websites is designed to help you understand each of the pieces of your DC power production, storage, and consumption puzzle on your boat or yacht. Once you understand the big topics, we have sites to address each of the pieces in the puzzle as well. Please use the links below to access some of the other sites in the network.

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AGM Batteries from BD Batteries
The History of Solar Power
Marine Batteries
What is The Best Marine Battery?
Flooded Lead Acid Batteries
DC Breakers - Electrical
Charge Controllers
Battery Chargers
Charge Controllers site 2
DC Fuses
DC - AC Inverters and Sine Waves
Solar Panels
Solar Panel
Heavy Duty DC Stranded Copper Wires
Solar Panel Information
Colorado Electrical Information
Golf Cart Battery Information
Deep Cycle Batteries
RV Batteries
RV Electrical Hookups Explained

DIY UPS Backup Battery Upgrades
What these batteries can really do...AGM Battery Uses:
Moderate Duty Forklift Battery Conversions
Save Money on a forklift battery conversion
Light Duty Forklift Battery Conversions
Garage forklift batteries
Paramedic and Lifesaving Equipment Batteries
Any Altitude - Use your batteries at any elevation
Install batteries upside down and pull

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