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The Best Marine Batteries must Be Safe!

AGM Batteries, are better, cleaner, and safer than any other battery you can put on your boat. Therefore, there is nothing better to have around your family and friends, let alone the environment. It's your family. It's your investment in that boat. It's your impact on generations to come. All 3 are impacted by the choice of Marine Battery you install. If you can't afford the AGM variety of Lead Acid Batteries, then get the flooded variety, and plan to maintain them. We think you should buy Lead Acid Batteries, because they can be recycled, and don't end up in landfills, poisoning the water we want to ride on.

Should you be on the fence regarding AGM and Flooded batteries, maybe these arguments will help sway your decision;

AGM is 1/10th as Explosive:
AGM Batteries create 1/10th the explosive gases, hydrogen and oxygen, as conventional flooded marine batteries. Since your battery bank is typically stowed, this can and does create a bang for a multitude of mariners annually. One spark, for whatever reason means you have an explosion, not a fire, onboard. AGM batteries take 90% of that threat away from your experience, by design.

USCG Approved: We know of only one line of AGM marine batteries that is United States Coast Guard Approved. It happens to be the Lifeline AGM Marine Battery line of starting and deep cycle batteries. They are both manufactured, and tested to a multitude of Mil-Spec qualifications.

UL Listed: Again, only one line of marine battery is UL approved, that we know of. American Made, Lifeline AGM Marine Batteries are tested to Underwriters Laboratories stiff and stringent criteria. This has both insurance, and liability implications that you benefit from.

DOT Hazmat Exempt: A multitude of AGM batteries are available for shipment worldwide, right to your door step, because they are safe, don't spill, and can be toppled, tumbled, etc. The Optima Marine Battery line and Lifeline Battery are both DOT Hazmat exempt, and are therefore able to be shipped directly to you.

Something to consider: In the event of a sinking or a capsizing of your boat, will you have a hazmat cleanup bill too? In today's legal environment, with the status of a multitude of protected waterways, you can find yourself in very hot water quickly. Not only will the gasoline that drives your boat need to be cleaned up, but the acid, and battery do too. AGM batteries remain sealed, making them a simple pickup. Flooded lead acid batteries will add sulfuric acid to the waterway. This is another example of why the DOT allows us to ship these batteries to your door.

Which do you want around your family?
Which do you want in your drinking water supply?
How much liability do you really want to take on this vacation?
Get AGM batteries and it's easier to just enjoy the weekend...

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